AIOUG Sangam 2010 Event

Last year September 2009, AIOUG, for the first time, hosted Sangam 2009 with a key Speaker Thomas Kyte. After the success of Sangam 09, it’s time for Sangam10 and this year Jonathan Lewis will be visiting India for the first time. Sangam 2010 is scheduled in Hyderabad on September 3rd and 4th.

Unlike last year, where I presented three sessions, a session a day, of 1 hour each, this year I am presenting a 1 hour session. Hope to see maximum participation to make it a success. Registrations are open.

AIOUG Sangam 2010 Registration and Agenda

Oracle Tech Challenge at AIOUG

As mentioned in my earlier blog, I would be conducting an Oracle Tech Challenge, alongwith my colleague, at the AIOUG Techday to be held in Mumbai on 18th June 2010. Before the Tech Challenge, I would also be presenting a 1 hour session on “Developing a Scalable Application”. Registration are in progress. Click on the link below to register.

AIOUG TechDay Mumbai, June 18 2010

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