Upgrade from 10g to 11g

For past few days, I was busy with critical upgrades of some mission critical databases from 10g to 11g. Apart from some minor issues, no performance issues have been reported post-upgrade. This should be a major relief for most of the customers planning to upgrade their system from 10g to 11g. Optimizer has not changed much between these two versions and therefore, unlike 9i to 10g, the upgrade from 10g to 11g should be smooth.

While comparing the Execution Plan of the critical queries during UAT testing, only one change observed is the introduction of Nested Loop Batching and this may change the plan hash value between the two versions. No performance degradation is observed with the introduction of NL Batching.

Post-Upgrade, it is now time to implement 11g new features and I may write on these, as and when, I have something interesting to share on these.


About Vivek Sharma
I am an Oracle Professional from Mumbai (India). I blog on the issues that I feel is Interesting for my readers. Some of these are my real life examples, which I hope, you would find interesting. Comments are always a welcome. The Technical Observations & Views here are my own and not necessarily those of Oracle or its affiliates. These are purely based on my understandings, learnings and resolutions of various customer issues.

4 Responses to Upgrade from 10g to 11g

  1. Sachin says:

    Vivek – Could u throw some light on “Nested Loop Batching”?


  2. coskan says:

    Hi Vivek,

    I think it will be nice if you can add which version of 11G



  3. Bhavik Desai says:

    Hi Vivek,

    Are you talking about PREFTECH during Nested Loop ?


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