Agenda for Sangam 2010, Hyderabad

Got couple of mails from my customer and many of these were interested on a detailed explanation on the optmization done at their site. While some of these will be covered during the presentation, some of these may miss out due to the time slot alloted to me. I have prioritized these optimizations and the interesting ones have been on my ppt’s.

In case, any one wants me to speak on a specific optimization feature, do update the blog (comment) and I would try to relate it to my Real Life Optimizations and present it with good examples.

One Interesting topic to be covered will be “Relation between Column Ordering of a Table and CPU time required to process a column”. This will also feature in an Oracle Connect Magazine to be circulated by AIOUG.

Next, I will also answer a common question raised by a Customer to Performance Tuning Specialist “Till Yesterday, the performance of the system was perfectly fine, How come the performance degraded all of a sudden ?”


About Vivek Sharma
I am an Oracle Professional from Mumbai (India). I blog on the issues that I feel is Interesting for my readers. Some of these are my real life examples, which I hope, you would find interesting. Comments are always a welcome. The Technical Observations & Views here are my own and not necessarily those of Oracle or its affiliates. These are purely based on my understandings, learnings and resolutions of various customer issues.

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