Oracle Open World 2013 : An Enriching Experience….

First of all, let me apologies for a long delay in posting a Blog. This was due to some critical escalations and the work pressure. Work comes first and therefore, it was very critical for me to finish off all the pending in-hand customer tasks.

This year, I had an opportunity to attend Oracle Open World 2013. Being my first visit for this Event in US, I was all excited as I was sure that this will be an opportunity to meet some of the great experts from different parts of the world and also to meet some old friends. The trip met all my expectations. During the event, while I attended many of the technical events (I will talk about these later), I met some of my old friends, like K. Gopalakrishnan (co-author of Oracle Wait Interface).

On the technical front, I attended many sessions and some of these were on Optimizer and Oracle 12c. However, the sessions that kept me glued towards the technical content and speaker presenting style was on “Top 12 Features of Oracle Database 12c” by Thomas Kyte and “Oracle Optimizer Bootcamp” presented jointly by Maria Colgan (Oracle Optimizer Group) and Jonathan Lewis. A session by Connor Mcdonald on “Optimizer Statistics : A Fresh Approach” was also well presented and the attendees enjoyed the session a lot.

While I do not want to write everything about the sessions, the take away that I want the readers to know are :

1. Multitenant Feature of Oracle 12c – This is one of the best feature that is introduced and will facilitate many of the organizations in database consolidation.
2. Adaptive Optimization – This is to ensure that a right (and optimal) execution plan is chosen (or switched) at run time based on the number of rows fetched.
3. Identity Datatype – Oracle Sequences can be attached to this data type to generate repetitive numbers.

All these years, during my presentations, I have discussed on using a right tool for optimization. Developers still use “explain plan for” or “autotrace” to check for the execution plan of their queries. I have demonstrated some of the issues around “explain plan” and this was revisited by Maria Colgan in “Oracle Optimizer Bootcamp”. Every session you attend, you are bound to learn something new and surely enough, I learned something interesting in this session. I am sure not many of my friends and readers know about this and therefore, I will include this in my Sangam 2013 presentation with a thanks to Maria.

I will be presenting a session during this year annual User Group Event “Sangam 2013”. The topic of my presentation is “Real Life Optimization Scenarios and Solutions”. Looking forward for this great event.


About Vivek Sharma
I am an Oracle Professional from Mumbai (India). I blog on the issues that I feel is Interesting for my readers. Some of these are my real life examples, which I hope, you would find interesting. Comments are always a welcome. The Technical Observations & Views here are my own and not necessarily those of Oracle or its affiliates. These are purely based on my understandings, learnings and resolutions of various customer issues.

5 Responses to Oracle Open World 2013 : An Enriching Experience….

  1. Ananth says:

    Its nice to read… Can i know your gmail id?


  2. vijay sehgal says:

    Dear Vivek,

    would be interesting to learn from the real life scenarios you would be presenting, looking forward to it.


  3. Moriah says:

    Good post Share more about Oracle Open World for my Oracle Training


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