12c Enhancement in Authorization Check Failed issue…

I am very disappointed to miss the OTN Yathra User Group in Bangalore due to bad health. Not still recovered. Hope to present in Bangalore in near future.

One of my slide on “Real Life Issues” demonstrated the library cache mutex issue due to multiple child cursors. I wrote about an issue in one of my previous BLOG. The demonstration in the blog was in Oracle 11g. While preparing for the User Group Event, I re-worked on this demonstration in 12c and was surprised to see a critical enhancement. In 12c, with 300 Schemas, there were only 300 Child Cursors (1 for each schema) as against 8000+ in 11g or below. This means, if the customer upgrades to 12c, the issue due to multiple child cursors would surely get resolved. I assume, this improvement is due to the multitenancy feature as multiple pdb’s can have tables with same name and therefore, similar queries across pdb’s.


About Vivek Sharma
I am an Oracle Professional from Mumbai (India). I blog on the issues that I feel is Interesting for my readers. Some of these are my real life examples, which I hope, you would find interesting. Comments are always a welcome. The Technical Observations & Views here are my own and not necessarily those of Oracle or its affiliates. These are purely based on my understandings, learnings and resolutions of various customer issues.

One Response to 12c Enhancement in Authorization Check Failed issue…

  1. pc says:

    Good observation Vivek. And good for those deployments suffering from the lc mutex issue (when they upgrade)


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