Performance Tuning Day Part II – Pune Chapter of All India Oracle User Group

Mark your calendar for the Part II of my Performance Tuning Day Event at Pune. This is scheduled for 12th September 2015. Registration link is open. No worries for those who missed my previous session (Part I) as I have a re-cap of my the previous session. See you all on 12th September.

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Performance Tuning Day…All India Oracle User Group

Concluded a 5 hour session on Performance Optimization for Pune Chapter of All India Oracle User Group. Due to unexpected massive traffic jam, reached the venue late and therefore, the sessions were behind the actual schedule. Had to cancel a session on Query Optimizer. A Big Disappointment for this cancellation. As a speaker, it really disappoints when you have to run few slides and/or cancel a session. Sorry folks. Will check with the Organizer for the Part II of this event, where we can cover this interesting topic.

The crowd, as expected, was interesting. They made the whole event Interactive with interesting questions. As a Speaker, you enjoy if your participants are deeply involved and raise questions to clarify their doubts, which gives you a sense that the crowd is listening to what you are saying. Thanks to all for lighting up the event.

Last but not the least, Hats Off to the Organizers. They worked hard to make this event a grand success. Their meticulous planning is appreciated.

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