Effective SQL: 61 specific ways of writing effective SQL

Few months back, I completed a technical review of an upcoming book titled “Effective SQL: 61 specific ways of writing effective SQL”. This book focuses on widely used Relational Databases and, no doubt, Oracle is one of these. My review was specifically on Oracle SQL. Got to know from the publisher that this book is scheduled to be out in the market by Friday, 23rd December 2016. The book can be ordered from the following link:




About Vivek Sharma
I am an Oracle Professional from Mumbai (India). I blog on the issues that I feel is Interesting for my readers. Some of these are my real life examples, which I hope, you would find interesting. Comments are always a welcome. The Technical Observations & Views here are my own and not necessarily those of Oracle or its affiliates. These are purely based on my understandings, learnings and resolutions of various customer issues.

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