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I am a Technologist from Mumbai, India and specialize in Performance Optimization, Improving Scalability and Availability of a Mission Critical Production System. This involves Re-Architecting the Production Environment and providing a solution that takes care of the future needs of an Organization. I am an Oracle Database Expert working on Database Performance for almost a Decade. I started my association with Oracle Technologies as an Oracle Developer in the year 2000. Rapid Increase in Data Growth, which includes Volume, Variety and Velocity got me into a Big Data World and this change has kept my Interest alive.</p

Being an Oracle Professional, I like to share all my Real Life Performance Tuning Challenges and Experiences. The Content and Views on this site are my own and not necessarily those of my current or previous Employer. While, I write on my real life experiences, the resolutions mentioned are solely mine. Comments / Criticisms are always a welcome.

I can be contacted on vlsharma@hotmail.com. Any comment related to my post, may be updated using the COMMENTS option, as this will benefit all my readers.