Oracle Groundbreaker Yatra ! July 2019..

After Sangem 2018, now it’s time for another OTN Yatra, now renamed to Oracle Groundbreaker Yatra. Sangam is hosted every year and had been either in Bangalore or Hyderabad. It is a One City Event. Oracle Groundbreaker Yatra on the other hand is a Multi-City Tour. I assume, last year it was a 6 City Tour. This year, it is scheduled to be hosted in Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Pune, Ahmedabad, Visakhapatnam and Thiruvananthapuram.

Registration for the Groundbreaker would open soon. Many prominent speakers would be travelling and it should be a never-miss event for the Oracle Database Community (DBA’s, Developers, Architects, Data Scientists etc). Sandesh Rao, Connor Mcdonald, Roy Swonger and Gurmeet Goindi would be speaking on some interesting topic (as always). Roy Swonger from Oracle US would be visiting India for the first time. Every time you attend the sessions from these experts, you tend to learn something new and I am sure, this time as well, you will come out with bags full of Knowledge.

I am also one of the speakers for the Groundbreaker Yatra and would be travelling to 4 cities, apart from Mumbai (as it is my base location). I have opted for the locations, where I am either travelling for the first time for an User Group event or have visited only once or twice. Now, you can guess it :). I will be in Ahmedabad, Kolkata, Visakhapatnam, Thiruvananthapuram and Mumbai. I assume the agenda for some of the locations is already published and for the other locations, is in the final stage.

Keep a tab on this link Groundbreaker Yatra 2019, so that you do not miss on the registration.

Now, on my session. I am presenting a Session on “Database and Application Performance ! Then and Now.” It is a 1 hour session. I would be covering some of the Performance Challenges the DBA’s or Developers use to face and still face and how these are automatically taken care in Autonomous Databases. I will cover Optimizer, Parallelism, Oracle 19c and walk through some of the topics around Reinforcement Learning and Data Science. Usually, my sessions are supported by live demo’s. But for a 1 hour session, I am not sure whether I will be able to, but shall try to make it more interesting. See you all in July 2019.

All India Oracle User Group Events for 2018

Sangam 2018 is scheduled for 7th and 8th December 2018. I am presenting a session on “SQL Tuning ! Tips, Tools and Techniques” which is on 7th December 2018 and is immediately after Lunch. A 45 minute session doesn’t justify the topic, but will try my level best to cover few interesting real life examples. On 8th December, I will be co-hosting a Fire side chat on Performance along side Tirthankar Lahiri (VP of Product Management, Oracle US), Arup Nanda, GP Gongloor and Karan Dodwal. This is scheduled for 2.55 pm. The only issue is that I may have to leave early to catch my flight back to Mumbai.

North India Chapter – Chandigarh. Mark your calendar for 24th November 2018 as I will be speaking for the entire day on Performance Optimization covering some interesting topics around SQL Optimization, Optimizer, Indexes, Autonomous Databases and many more. This is a Full day event which gives me good amount of time to demonstrate some of the interesting facts. Registration for this event is open. Use the following link to register. See you soon.

For 2019, will publish the calendar, once it is freezed 🙂

Performance Tuning Day – Gurgaon ! My First ever event in Gurgaon

I had presented 2 full day events in Pune. These were on Performance Optimization. AIOUG is now replicating this same event in Gurgaon. I will be presenting a full day “Performance Tuning Day” on 17th October 2015. I had been speaking for the User Group for almost 8 years now, however, in Delhi/Gurgaon region, this will be my first ever presentation. Looking forward for a great crowd.

Registration Link

Performance Tuning Day Part II – Pune Chapter of All India Oracle User Group

Mark your calendar for the Part II of my Performance Tuning Day Event at Pune. This is scheduled for 12th September 2015. Registration link is open. No worries for those who missed my previous session (Part I) as I have a re-cap of my the previous session. See you all on 12th September.

Click for Registration

Performance Tuning Day…All India Oracle User Group

Concluded a 5 hour session on Performance Optimization for Pune Chapter of All India Oracle User Group. Due to unexpected massive traffic jam, reached the venue late and therefore, the sessions were behind the actual schedule. Had to cancel a session on Query Optimizer. A Big Disappointment for this cancellation. As a speaker, it really disappoints when you have to run few slides and/or cancel a session. Sorry folks. Will check with the Organizer for the Part II of this event, where we can cover this interesting topic.

The crowd, as expected, was interesting. They made the whole event Interactive with interesting questions. As a Speaker, you enjoy if your participants are deeply involved and raise questions to clarify their doubts, which gives you a sense that the crowd is listening to what you are saying. Thanks to all for lighting up the event.

Last but not the least, Hats Off to the Organizers. They worked hard to make this event a grand success. Their meticulous planning is appreciated.

AIOUG Performance Tuning Day – Pune

I am presenting a full day event on 8th August 2015 at Pune. This is a Performance tuning day that will cover some of the interesting performance issues and solutions. Looking forward to see you all at Pune. Click on the following link to view the schedule and to register.

Performance Tuning Day Link

AIOUG Performance Tuning Day ! Hyderabad…

AIOUG is hosting a full day Performance Tuning day on 30th May 2015 in Hyderabad. I will be presenting on Oracle Query Optimizer and Performance. These sessions will be a mix of technical demos and real life examples. Hope to see a large gathering. Registrations are open at Performance Tuning Day.

AIOUG ! Sangam 14

The Annual AIOUG Event “Sangam 14” is scheduled for November 2014. I am presenting this year. The Agenda will be published soon on AIOUG Website. Thomast Kyte will be back in India for this event, along side Maria Colgan from Oracle Optimizer Development Team. Syed Jaffar Husain will also be presenting.

Looking forward to meet Oracle Community.

OTN Yathra ! A Six City Tour

OTN Yathra starts from 16th February 2013. This is a collaborative effort between OTN & AIOUG. This is a 6 City Tour, the first destination being Delhi. I am presenting in Delhi, Mumbai and Hyderabad. I am excited to present my first ever presentation in Delhi. For the details and registration, please visit :


Sangam 12 ! All India Oracle User Group Annual Conference

It’s time to be at Bangalore for an Annual Oracle User Group Conference – Sangam 2012. This is scheduled to be on 2nd and 3rd of November 2012. I am presenting a 1 hour session on “Ensuring Optimal Performance”. This is on 3rd of November. Unlike the events in the past, where the Key Speakers speak for the 1st half of the day, this year, the Key Speakers will speak for the entire day. This year, Thomas Kyte will make his second appearance in India and alongside him, the Podium will be shared by Andrew Holdsworth and Graham Wood, both of them are from Real World Performance Team. This will be a complete Interactive Session, with all three experts answering (with live demonstrations) to the questions being asked by the attendees. It will be a great learning, with fun. If not registered yet, register on

Last year due to Business commitments, I could not present and I missed this a lot. This year will be a comeback. Looking forward to meet you all at the event.

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